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Alien Bust

2011Posted by Andi Sat, June 25, 2011 10:50:03
A quick doodle in ZBrush, after watching the videos in this thread:

Star Wars Low Poly: Luke Skywalker

2011Posted by Andi Fri, April 08, 2011 22:07:34
And here we got Luke Skywalker:

Star Wars Low Poly: Stormtrooper

2011Posted by Andi Fri, April 08, 2011 21:49:27
More from my Star Wars Low Poly Project:
This time it's a Stormtrooper:
Comes with a removeable helmet (:

New Project: Star Wars Low Poly

2010Posted by Andi Fri, October 08, 2010 20:14:43
Going to make a few lowpoly models of some Star Wars characters.
Here's the first one:Texture is still WIP, but the model already got a simple custom rig.

Sculptris doodle

2010Posted by Andi Wed, October 06, 2010 17:45:05
Messed around with sculptris:

Quite funny since I don't have to think about topology and subdevisions (:

Bier Tier, retopology done so far

2010Posted by Andi Thu, September 09, 2010 16:29:45
Finished retopology so far, still missing some horns. Will add them later. After that I will do the textures for that creature.10.916 Tris, viewport grab with DirectX "Matballz"-Shader. Gotta redo the Lit Sphere Map, doesn't look that fancy at the moment...

Bier Tier, further sculpting

2010Posted by Andi Mon, September 06, 2010 14:24:12
Some more sculpting on the "Bier Tier"

Bier Tier, started sculpting

2010Posted by Andi Fri, September 03, 2010 19:47:04
It's going forward in my new project, the "Bier Tier".
Here some very early ZBrush sculpts:

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